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"How to not show song title?" and other questions

1. I'd like to disable showing song title when switching to a new song or fullscreen. How can I do that?

2. If it does jump, is there a way to know what preset was played before?
2a. Is there a way to move forward through a history of played presets?

3. Is there an indicator for whether the switching order is random or sequential?
3a. On startup, is the order set as random?

4. What's the difference between
CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE: clear all sprites
CTRL + K: kill all sprites

5. When I lock a preset because I don't want it to switch on its own, if I press backspace, then L, it still shows that same locked preset. In other words, in the load screen it keeps the same locked preset even though I switched to another one myself. I'd call that a bug, since the title shown contradicts the actual preset being played. It also differs from how it acts if I use arrow keys to select another preset.

6. Is there a way to go up when browsing presets? Shift+space seems to be a good choice.

7. Is there a way to see ratings while browsing presets?
7a. What ratings are default for presets?
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I can answer some of those:

1. In Winamp press Alt+K to open the MilkDrop configuration. Under the 'Artist Tools' tab you can untick 'Automatically show song title anims when song changes?'

2. You can go back one preset by pressing the backspace key
2a. If you've previously played a bunch of presets and then pressed the backspace key a crap load of times, you can then use SPACE or H to progress through them again.

3. I think the only indicator is when you press the R key. It briefly displays a message.
3a. I'm pretty sure it saves your preference, but if it doesn't then it defaults to random.

4. I'd actually be really interested to know this as well

5. ....

6. Define 'Up'?

7. Nope. I ended up renaming all of my presets with the ratings I had given them.
7a. The default ratings are contained within the .milk file for each preset. There is no 'default rating' as such, just the rating it was given by whoever when it was shipped with Winamp. You can get MilkDrop to ignore all ratings though so they all have an equal chance of being displayed. Go to MilkDrop settings then the 'Artist Tools' tab and then tick the 'Disable Preset Ratings' box.
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Thank you for replying to so many questions so quickly. I had pc problems so I wasn't using winamp for a while.
Originally Posted by LlamaLlamaLamp View Post
6. Define 'Up'?
b. here

If the current is b, up would be going to a, i.e., reverse alphabetically or backwards in terms whatever sorting scheme is used.
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