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can not stream using winamp and HP with windows 7

I have bought a new HP computer. Have been streaming using a winamp, shoutcast encoder and XP. Now I can not get the encoder to stream voice and music together? Can any one help me?

ThanK You
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that is not an issue with the encoder

sounds more like a soundcard issue.

soundcard options - recording device - activate stereo mix and adjust that setting.

that should solve your issue.

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Thanks since I left this, I have found that out. The soundcard that HP using not real compatable with recording programs of any kind.
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Actually, WIn 7 is not compatible in most cases ... Microsoft changed the volume controls and there's no satisfactory solution to select between music and mike at this time .. although I have heard there are a few soundcards that will work, I haven't seen one.

I'm using Win XP because of this problem and hope that eventually the Shoutcast folks will step up and provide a audio input system as part of their system. Even though the issue isn't a Shoutcast problem, the fact that there is an ongoing (three years at this point) issue with audio input to their system should be flying some flags and causing them to make sure that people can actually use their product.

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Originally Posted by DJbigJack View Post
(three years at this point) issue with audio input to their system should be flying some flags
development of the Source DSP only re-started just over a year ago and has had a massive number of changes / fixes / overall improvements made to it which should have been done since the v1.9.0 release made years before Vista was even out. the issues with the soundcard input on Vista / Windows 7 were properly noted and recognised in February this year (3 months after development was restarted) but time is going against getting it done (despite spending a few days in February trying to determine what was actually going on and trying to fix at that time) when there are various other things to work on and our team is very small.

i know you're annoyed / frustrated about the state of the DSP but other than me never sleeping / dumping my girlfriend / having no life (am not intending on doing any of those despite doing silly hours at times), it's going to be a while before i can get around to working on it (as already noted in the thread following the issue) and that its deemed low on the list of things that i'm meant to be working on as a better working DNAS + YP is going to benefit more people compared to the soundcard recording options from the DSP at the moment.

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