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DSP keeps on saying "Connecting"

Hey everyone,
I have searched through quite a bit and I couldn't find anyone with a problem like mine.

I have installed Winamp with the DSP plugin and have installed the shoutcast radio on a linux based server with a static IP. However, this one is the old type of DNAS setup where you use a common password to connect to the server.

The problem is:
I have tried to connect the server from a different computer and different network and the connect went through fine. However, on my laptop, I am unable to connect?

Would this be because my network (uni based) is changing the IP every few seconds?

I have checked the firewall settings on the server and it has not blocked the IP address nor has blocked the port as I can see the page on that specific port.

Apart from obtaining a static IP, what could be a solution to this?
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what version of the DSP?

if it's v2 (which is the only supported version) you'd need to make sure that it's in the correct mode for the DNAS connection. otherwise you'd need to enable logging on the stream and post that as it may better show what it is trying to do.

also if the DNAS's IP is static then that shouldn't be affecting what the DSP is doing (as long as it can connect to it / is in the correct mode).

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