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1.9 = :) 2.0 = :(

I have been using 1.9.8 for some time now, it is easy, GUI friendly, and runs perfectly with minor editing of the config file.

Will 2.0 ever be easy to set up like 1.9.8? I don't see the benefit of using the new tools. I can't get it working at all. 2.0 has no GUI, is it ever getting one?

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never had an issue getting 2.0 to work - I understand DNAS 1.x config's should work for 2.x anyway

never used a GUI for DNAS - but that's because I would never use windows platform in the role of any type of "server" ... and DNAS is a server

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the v1 DNAS on windows just had a wrapper gui around the console and really doesn't offer much benefit over the v2 DNAS. however the v2 DNAS isn't as simple to run for people used to the old click and go option (but it's now consistent on all platforms supported) though there are changes coming for the v2 DNAS either in the next release or the one after that to make things simpler.

there are a few quirks with the v2 DNAS using a v1 config file (though i've resolved about all of those issues in the internal v2 DNAS build) so just dragging sc_serv.ini onto sc_serv.exe should get it running, you'd then just need to follow http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcas...ash_Management and then you're listed and clients can connect (if you want to be publically listed, otherwise you'd just need to set publicserver=never or set the source to be private and ignore the authhash aspect).

as for the question about getting a gui like the v1 DNAS, currently there is no plans to implement the old v1 gui wrapper. that doesn't stop an unofficial gui being created (as has already been done) though when the v2 DNAS is a bit more stable in some of its options then i may resurrect the gui i'd started working on (though the more i go on, the less interested i am in doing it since there's fewer things to do which need it which cannot be done via the web-admin interface which the v2 DNAS uses more off).

the core benefit of the new tools is they're actually supported / being updated and are intended as the continuation of the v1 DNAS but with the flexibility of coping with multiple streams and a number of other improvements especially with the DNAS+YP integration.

clearly if you don't like the v2 DNAS then no one is going to force you to use it (at least not currently) but sticking to something which is a few years old and not as well tuned to better using the hardware off newer systems seems a bit reckless imho (but it's your stream / system so you can do as you please).

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