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sc_trans API and authentication?

I was browsing through the API documentation and noticed a lack of any authentication for the API. Am I missing something?

As it stands, it appears that if the IP/Port is known and visible to the internet, anyone would be able to control the transcoder, is this correct? If so, someone could completely shut it down.

Of course, I guess the transcoder could be hidden from external view and then you'd have a wrapper that does have authentication on it, hit it. But if that wrapper was on another machine than sc_trans, you'd be in the same boat and it'd be accessible externally.

What I'm looking to do is write a mobile app that controls my sc_trans, this would hit a PHP page that would issue the command to the sc_trans API.

Am I just thinking about this completely wrong? I admit it's easily possible. hehe
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it's only enabled if the admin options are enabled in the sc_trans config (http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcas...Administration) and does require the access to be authorised though as not something which i've fully tested, there's a decent chance i've missed out that part from the documentation on how auth is meant to work.

really the best way is going to be getting the old 'testui' folder from an older version and seeing how that does it (was the only reason it stayed in the distro until too many people started asking things about the unsupported example) and see how that is doing it until i can get a chance to properly check through and update the documentation about it (which i really should do that sooner rather than later).

as i'm not able to check the code at the moment to see what is / isn't going on when it comes to that side of things with the sc_trans api.

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