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Error importing my music library

I can't import my library to the newest version of the winamp. Everytime I try, when reaches 25%, Windows says that the application has stopped, and ask to close winamp.

I openned the Task Manager, to see if Winamp is using all the memory, or something like. And I saw that Winamp uses 99% of the disc (I don't know what's called on English, though, see the screenshot below), I got a screenshot, I'm using the Operational System on portuguese, and Winamp, as well. But I think it's possible use the assimilation of the interface, though.

Some useful information:
-Winamp reached >140mb/s on the 'Disco', but only >70% and <80%, when the percentual of the importation reaches near the 18~20%, on 'Disco' it reaches 98~99%.
-Winamp stops when reach 25% of the library, approximately 17.5Gb (of 70Gb).
-I have a Intel Celeron 1.50Ghz. 4Gb of Memory Ram, and I use a x64 Windows.
-I tried 5 times (3 with the task manager open), to import my library, and in the five times, the Application stopped at the 25% of the progress.
-I have the iTunes (with only one playlist), but I decided to choose the folder to import.
-When the application stops, the color of the skin is reseted to default.

Probably I'm using incorrect terms, or misspelling some words, and I'm sorry for that, english is not my native language, I hope it's possible to use assimilation on the screenshot.

And sorry if I posted this thread on the wrong forum.
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ensure you're using the version and the 2 required plug-in updates from my signature.
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Oh, I installed those plugins. Now it's working well.

Much Obliged!
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