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Strange Winamp behaviour...

I'm using Winamp 2.8 and I've just noticed a strange problem which I'm sure has has just started. When I play CD's using Winamp (by clicking on the play arrow key) the sound is breaking up and stuttering, if I use the Play audio CD D: option from the right click drop down menu things are fine! (Windows CD player works fine as well) I've tried re-installing Winamp with no difference. I've never had anything like this before with Winamp any ideas as to what's happening here? Is there a difference between playing a CD with the controls and using the drop downs?

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Thats incredibly strange...

Have you got AVS running?
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Did you install CDReader and not disable the default plug-in?
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Strange Winamp behaviour again..

Thanks for the suggestions, I think the problem is down to CD Reader as mentioned. I've disabled it now and playback using the supplied Line in plugin is fine (but no GEQ of course). I found CD Reader a bit disappointing as did some others, maybe my drive is incompatible or a slow reader or the settings need fiddling with. I needed the CD reader to rip from CD to MP3.

I've just tried to fiddle with the settings in CD reader to get my Toshiba DVD drive to give a decent output without success however my Richoh CDRW drive DOES work without any noticable skipping. Is there a way of checking to see that I'm getting the best possible output??

(On re-booting the machine this morning I couldn't repeat the strange behaviour from yesterday with the button controls I can only assume that somehow having both CD input plugins active screwed things up as you suggested).

Many thanks for taking the time to reply.

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