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I tend to sort and listen to my music by genre more then by artists, playlists or albums.
So it would be nice if you could put a button on the main screen along with the other
buttons (artists, albums, playlists, etc) that would allow the music to be played by
genre or even multiple genres by some type checkbox selection process on the genre list
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Send a message via AIM to HockeyPhool
Stop cluttering my /sdcard root!

+1 - absolutely needed!

Originally Posted by marvin_rock View Post
Forgot to add on my survey

3 - the ability to choose where media is synced to on the root of the SD card - currently puts it in root:\<artist> - which makes an ecclectic collection blow up my SD card!
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Is the Podcast Sync supposed to be grayed out? I assume it's still in development? Or am I simply doing something wrong?
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Originally Posted by ASnet0007 View Post
Something that is missing on nearly all other android media apps is 2 way sync of ratings and play count. isyncr(i-tunes) and double-twist are the only apps that do this on android and its something that I would love to tie in my on-the-go music collection with my home collection.

Look at how many requests media monkey has had for this option in their wish list forum.

Winamp rocks.

This feature would enable me to ditch iTunes once and for all. I could finally be completely free from anything that has a fruit on it's label.

I also like the idea of using the volume rocker as a song selector once the phone is locked. That'd be pretty cool. That or maybe use the volume rocker for volume if you click once or song forward-reverse if clicked twice. That would still allow the volume rocker to be used for volume but also allow it's secondary use.

Another feature that would be great...auto download album art.
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Features needed: EQ built-in, ability to sync music to the "Music" folder or somewhere else than the root, remote control from the PC
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Added this to the request survey, but I'm going to post it here too.

The one thing that all apps that I've tried that stream Shoutcast stations. Car Mode.

Big, large buttons that can be linked to stations, just like the presets on your car stereo.
Gesture support would be nice, but that would still only give, "go to next station", "go to previous station"

Having your favorite stations in a list is easy to manipulate while sitting around at your desk, but while driving, I'd like to be able to just reach out and know that button #1 will be Groove Salad. No searching, no scrolling through a list, just click and change channel. Exactly like any standard car stereo.

I figure it would be easy enough to fit 12 large preset buttons on a standard screen or at least 9 on the lower resolution screens.
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The option "Control headset" already does exactly this. This should be clarified on the settings page.

Also, I'm not sure this is possible without rooting, but can a play/pause be implemented with a double-click of the trackball?
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sync music from phone

I'd like to be able to pick songs on the PC by using the phone and sync the music from the PC to the phone
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I am ecstatic to see Winamp on the Android platform!
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Thanks for this awesome app. Please add gapless output support, so that listening to mixed albums is still fun! :-)
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So, unless I'm missing something here, there's now way to sync up the songs in a Smart View with my Android.

This is currently available to me in Media Monkey, but not WinAmp.
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Thanks winamp for this splendid Job. Just to add it on the standby screen while playing. i guess that would be great.
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Lightbulb Pause track upon headset removal


Not sure if this has already been suggested but I use my android at work a lot. A lot of the time the headset gets unplugged and my heavy metal screams out my phone speaker. Is it possible to have an option "Pause Track if Headset Removed"?

Apologies if this has been suggested already, this thread is HUGE!
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Visuals!!! Must Have. Even a Live Wallpaper would work. Milkdrop Port.
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Nice to see Winamp on Android

1) Play AAC+!
2) Equaliser!
3) Being able to enter manual/custom URL's

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As it has been mentioned previously, these are thumbs up for me (all related to Winamp desktop):
- Rating sync
- Smart view support

I would also love to see these:
- Last played sync
- Party shuffle (esp. on a smart view)

Thanks for the progress as of yet. After hearing about the syncing support for Android, I quickly returned to Winamp with success after failure with many other syncing solutions. Bringing some closer library integration between Winamp desktop and the Android app will definitely make Winamp a permanent solution for my media needs.
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I would like to see cross-fading added as well. It appears that gapless is there unless I'm insane.

Also, bass/treble controls as well as an equalizer with presets.
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Originally Posted by bolski View Post
I would like to see cross-fading added as well. It appears that gapless is there unless I'm insane.

Also, bass/treble controls as well as an equalizer with presets.
Seems I was mistaken. There is no gapless playback, so I definitely want that in addition to the cross-fading and equalizer and bass/treble controls.

Also, easier way to create and edit playlists would be nice too, but I'll take gapless playback first over all the rest!

Keep up the great work!
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Would love for it to sync playlists. Currently it only syncs the tracks of the playlists but not the playlists themselves.
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Feature Request

1) Ability to sync over Ad-Hoc - Android to Android or Android to PC
  • It appears that from the current version of the app, the only way to get WinAmp to sync wirelessly, is to select a wifi network from the Settings screen. If you are running a Wireless Tether or Barnicle, you are technically on a network albeit an adhoc network being managed by the phone itself. WinAmp PC and WinAmp Android are not able to find one another to sync.

2) Ability to sync over BlueTooth - Android to Android or Android to PC

3) Simplified interface for car use - Combine the already suggested gesture control and full screen cover art with larger text and larger buttons to bring up control panels that also have larger buttons.

So far this WinAmp for Adnroid looks good. It gives me yet another reason to free myself from the shackles of the "red fruit with a bite taken out of it!"
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Unhappy WMA File Format support

Support for WMA file format on Winamp Android would do nicely.

Over the years my wife and I have ripped almost all of our CD collection to wma format, she using Windows Media Player and me using Winamp. Having recently bought smart phones with Android 2.1 OS and transferred a selection of our music to the SD cards, we were disappointed to find that the installed media player did not support the wma files.

Winamp v0.9.2 also does not appear to support what must be the second most common music file format. Our solution for now is to trancode the files we want but it would be nice to see the format supported in the full release of Winamp Android.
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Bigger play / pause button

I would love a bigger play / pause button (poweramp does this).

I use winamp while driving and the play / pause button is too small and too close to next/back buttons. Too often I hit the next or back button and then loose my place in a long book on tape chapter.

If nothing else, more room between the play/pause button and the skip and back buttons.

I presume this would be accomplished with a different skin.

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I just submitted the form but I thought I'd post here as well.

I would love for a way to lock the screen rotation for this app. I use my Droid Incredible as my primary music player and I live in NYC so I do a lot of walking and listening. My phone is in and out my pocket all the time while I select tracks, songs to playlists, etc. As I take the phone out the screen will often switch to landscape mode which is hard to use when you are on the go. The ability to keep Winamp in portrait mode while in use would be great. I've used Mixing and *******n player in the past and one of these players had this option but I forget which.

Thanks and keep up the great work. Love the app!
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Thumbs up Gapless Playback please!

Hi, first time here and I have been using the Winamp player on my Galaxy-S for a month or so now. I really like it. I do need to find a media player that offers gapless playback however. Please make this a priority, thanks.
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Please make gapless playback a priority. I have many mixed albums and there is always a gap between each track, even on OGG files which are natively gapless but the player does not play them as such.

Other than that, the Android version is very good and slick!
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#1 - allow the search to see aac+ stations

#2 - allow us to manually enter a station

#3 - allow it to use .pls playlists so that people who click on our listen link can connect

Your mileage may vary!
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Skins would be cool. Maybe some more widgets.

Pretty cool player. When is it out of beta?
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Not quite "The Ultimate Media Player" yet...

Needs podcast support ASAP and with it the ability to bookmark songs\books\podcasts. My search for a media player on Android would be over if WinAmp had these. Any ETA?
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I'd like to see the ability to edit track information, same as the PC version of Winamp.
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This player really needs to be able to handle compilation albums better, rather than break each album up into multiple "albums", one for each artist.
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WinAmp should NOT automatically start when I boot up my phone (DROID X). Doing that consumes CPU and shows as "active" in my app list -- albeit doesn't consume much. However when I STOP the WinAmp task, it starts up again on its own.

Please allow us to control which APPS we want to start. I don't use WinAmp every day. Thanks
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It would be a great addition!!
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Somehow, I got out of the 'now playing' screen of the app. From the Play Queue, I was unable to get back to the (now playing) screen. I would like to have a way to get back to the playing controls screen of the app without having to start a song over.

That and a Fine-control volume slider with mute on the screen. I think a volume button at the bottom (next to the repeat and shuffle buttons) that pops up the volume & mute controls would be perfect. I know you can just squeeze the volume up/down buttons on the device, but if you've got the stylus in hand, it would be better to just tap the mute button or slide the volume slider. Usually, some fine control of the volume is needed, instead of the huge jumps the device's buttons make ( it goes from 0 to 50% in 2 steps!)

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I think I just got the answer to my first problem in the previous post.

In the Play Queue screen (or the Home screen, or probably any screen) there is a handle (looks like ::: just above the Play Queue button. tapping that takes you back to the player controls.
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I just noticed that you can see all the usual time values on the Winamp app player screen that you get in the PC player's program. At the left of the position slider is the elapsed time of the current song, and on the right is the total time. The the bar where you see the song title has the time remaining value on the right

Is there is a spectrum analyzer or equalizer screen in there, but no one's found it yet.

The more I explore this program, the better it gets! I hope somebody is documenting everything so you can make a comprehensive help system (that you read from your desktop/notebook PC.)
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i think the ability to choose a song and "scroll" through it with the ability to create ringtones from like 1-15 seconds would defiantly be one thing to make it an ultimate mobile music player
or atleast make a way for winamp to make ringtones and sync them to your phone
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This thread is great!

I'd like to see the ability to edit track information, same as the PC version of Winamp.
and hope this'll be possible soon
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I love Winamp and when I've heard it's available on Android, I've almost started to celebrate. I've installed it, but when I realized that it has only the Artist, Album, Songs Playlist, SHOUTcast and Search selections, what are really cool, I've un-installed it rightaway.

I 'm not sure if I've missed it, but somehow I haven't been able to find the "Play Folder" feature... You know, you copy & paste some folders to the SD card with files alphabetically or numerically organized. than choose a folder and a file in it and it plays it one after another in order as organized...

I have got an 16 GB Sony Walkman mp3 player (NWZ-E345), and it has this 'Play Folder" feature, works awesome and I love it

Would it be possible to implement this quick and easy to use feature?

Just in case it's there, hidden somewhere, please ignore my comments and let me know where and how to use it...

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is there a way we could get a winamp for iphone? I use winamp since 98 or 99 and i know there will be alot of people very happy having the winamp on the iphone.
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Will be the best player on the Market with some minor features added...

What a great job for a Beta! Here's some things to push it over the top:

Must Haves:
1. Tag viewer and Year. Editor would be nice.
2. Star Ratings.
3. Display album art in background of Album Track List screen.
4. Increase Album Art size on the Play Queue screen. Too much dead space.

1. Have Notification Bar flash the track and artist when song changes.
2. Recently Added playlist "Edit Set Time" could be easier to change/find.
3. Widget touch should launch app, not just bolt.
4. Setting to choose Music folder(s).
5. Time Display Mode changes.
6. Lockscreen widget to allow seek forward/backward (not just skip).
7. Equalizer
8. Genre Screen

Major Pros (Don't change these!):
1. Best UI available. Great colors and buttons, well thougth out. I shouldn't have to use the physical phone buttons to go back and forth in a music app, Winamp does this very well.
2. FlickUp/FlickDown is the best feature in a music app yet.
3. WiFi Sync!
4. Recently Added playlist is great

Keep up the good work!
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