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Problem With Album Washer/ In-App Purchase

I have already contacted the Google Play-Store-Support on this matter, but unfortunately, they can't help.

A few months ago I have purchased the Winamp Pro Bundle and the Winamp Album Washer via in-app-purchase.
Then, I got a new phone and wanted to install my license of Winamp on it.
At first, I could neither install the Pro Bundle nor the Album Washer, without being asked to pay again.
With the help of the Google-Support, I have managed to be able to use at least the Winamp Pro Bundle again.
I did this by uninstalling my free verion of Winamp, clearing the play-store cache and data, restarting my phone and installing the free Version of Winamp again.
Afterwards, I could you use the Pro Bundle via the store integrated in the Winamp app.

What I am still missing is the Album Washer.
When I access the Store via the Winamp App installed on my phone, it displays the Winamp Pro Bundle as successfully installed, but when I click on the album Washer, I am asked to make the purchase again.

Could you please help me fix this?

Thanks in advance!
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Just to let other people with maybe the same problem know:

Even though I wasn't able to use the Album washer, because it was displayed as not purchased yet, I couldn't buy it again.
The Winamp App redirected me to the Play Store and the Play Store told me, I had already purchased this product.
So there was no way out and I got frustrated and left the Winamp App alone.

Today, aprox. 20 hours later, I checked on the app again.
And suddenly the Album Washer ist magically displayed as purchased and installed and I can use it again.
I don't know whether either the Google or the Winamp Support fixed something that I don't know about or if it's just the Winamp App that needed some time to check on all my purchases.

Either way: Problem solved
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