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broadcasting talk radio on shoutcast

Hello, I would like to use shoutcast to broadcast my sports talk show on my App. Is there a limit to how many listeners can listen using shoutcast?
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the main limit is how much bandwidth you can afford for providing the stream to listeners as you're the one having to pay for the actual bandwidth costs during streaming be that directly or via a hosting provider as we [SHOUTcast] just provide the means for the stream to be found and some of the broadcasting tools needed to be listed in our Directory.
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I am new to this and attempting to understand: How do I pay for bandwidth? How do I know how much for how much? Can I simply set up an account that will widen the bandwidth as needed? Will the bandwidth increase as needed? Or is this not the function of shoutcast? Also, how do I become listed on your directory? Much appreciated!
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There is no licensing (or otherwise paid for) lockable/unlockable bandwidth limit in the SHOUTcast tools themselves, the tools are absolutely free in every aspect (except for mp3 broadcasting through the SHOUTcast Transcoder.) The bandwidth DrO is referring to is the upstream bandwidth of the internet the SHOUTcast tools are connected via. For professional streams and mega-hobyists, that would usually be the hosting provider's bandwidth ammount you choose to pay for. If you host the tools yourself on your own computer then it would be the upload bandwidth of your Internet Service Provider.

To get listed on the directory, you have to agree to the license agreement when you install the SHOUTcast tools (or otherwise when you pay for a hosting provider that hosts the SHOUTcast tools if they do) and then run the tools for public listing in the directory.
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