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This bitch right here.

Met this girl and we've been chatting here and there. She eventually tells me that she just wants to be "friends", so I go along with it cause I could use some more friends in my life. Then this text conversation happens. Do you think I was too harsh on her?:

Me: My friend's band is playing at Club Red this Sunday at 6, you in?

Her: Sorry, I've got too much homework this weekend, maybe some other time?

M: Aww, I needed a good wingman. Some other time then?

H: Wingman? Please...

M: Hey you were the one who said you wanted to be friends. That's what friends do, hook each other up!

H: Yeah I guess so... Didn't know you'd be trying to make me jealous in front of my face.

M: You're joking, right? Do you like me or not? You can't say you want to be friends then get jealous when I hit on other women. It doesn't work like that.

H: I'm just messin wit you... Chill dude.

M: No you're not. Stop trying to lampshade your insecurities by saying you're "just messin'" when I call you out on it. I'm smarter than that.

H: Ok I'll admit I'd prolly be a little jealous. But I'm dating someone so I really don't care (note: she's not). I don't have any say in what you do so it doesn't matter.

M: Yeah, alright sure. Whatever you say.
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