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As soon as I try to play a mp3 or mp2 song, winamp crashes with an application error message. This doesn't happen when I play wma or wav - I haven't tried other formats. I guess there's some bug in the mp3 decoder. Fix it, guys, I want my music back! Do not make me switch to sonique or something !(I use windows 2000)
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captain obvious
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Wow. Your descriptive bug report is infinitely useful. Lets see if we can't summarize:

Winamp won't work.
It gives an error.
Please fix it.
(I'm using Windows 2000.)

My recommendation: get back on the short bus, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

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Are you using Winamp 2.666? If so, try replacing the in_mp3.dll that came with Winamp with this one: http://genghis.winamp.com/~deadbeef/...n_mp3_27a4.zip
Just unzip it to your Winamp/Plugins directory while Winamp is closed.
If that doesn't solve the problem, post again with the details of the error message.
And if all else fails, you could revert back to version 2.65 rather than resorting to switching to a crappy player.
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Ok, this is rather disheartening,
first here is the situation
Winamp (2.666) won't even play, just sits in my system tray, with nothing better to do, finally after like the 11th time of clicking it, I get it to play, but none of the plugins work, and since I clicked it on 11 time nearly 40 megs of RAM is locked down in multiple winamp processes. This is a headache.
Here is the system it is on,
Dual PIII 800 Xeons
512 Megs of ram
FRESH (like hours old)install of WIN 2K Pro with full updates.
Now here is the kicker, I tried uninstalling, and the unistaller locks, ONLY for winamp. This is one tough freaking cookie, I'll probably blow out the system again. But before I do, anyone know a way around this? And lastly, just for kicks, I decided to see if winamp (NOT 2.666) would run under SoftWindows 95 SGI, on my Indigo 2 box, and it actually ran, I can't remember the version number, but kudos to Justin and all the coders, freaking winamp on my SGI, hah, anyways, thanks for your time, patience and what not.

WHAT?, try it on the sun, no?, try it on the SGI, no? REBUILD THE STUPID KERNAL.

UPDATE, found the dirty little culprit for the uninstall, had a little winamp proccess holding down the fort, sneaky little bugger, didn't even catch him after the REBOOT, which is weird, becuase it would have to have been run again. ANYWAYS, got it uninstalled, and working on it getting it updated, Kinda a buggy release don't cha think?

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I am also getting similar problems when upgrading to versions 2.666 and 2.7b2. Winamp installs fine, everything seems normal, until I attempted to either hit next track or manually switch tracks in the playlist. At this point, Winamp locks up and I'm forced to end the process. Reverting back to 2.65 works fine. On another note, when decoding mp3s for playback on 2.666+ my processor usage was on average around 5% compared to 0-1% for version 2.65. Also, shoutcast usage would peak the processor to 15% every few seconds as opposed to 10-12% for version 2.65.

Win2K Pro
256 MB
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When I upgraded from 2.65 to 2.666 the player would freeze whenever I attempted to manually change the currently playing track in the playlist window. I had to shut it down with either wintop or ctrl-alt-del from the tasklist.

Installed 2.65 again for now.

I thought it might have been the crossfading plugin but I changed back to the standard waveout output plugin and it still happened.
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