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Computer project

It's all about touch anymore. That's right, it is.

The project: place some sort of touch sensitive device in a kitchen. This device must be capable of running some version of windows, excluding Vista (I believe, due to program compatability). Actually, I just checked, they have a workaround for Vista compatibility. Linux is out unless someone can tell me how to add windows registry patches (program registration is accomplished by applying a patch that changes unknown registry keys) on a linux box.

Wishes: It would be nice if the device is small and can be wall mounted in some manner as it is really going in a kitchen.


What I am trying to do is actually quite simple, I just can't find a way to do it without spending an absurd amount of money. What I am going after is some way to have easy access to all of my recipes, which I use a program called Accuchef to keep track of. I have been using a standard laptop to do this for quite come time now, but never really want to put the laptop on kitchen counters for fear of killing it and getting raw crap all over it. Plus, the laptop takes up space and I use it for other things (so bits of beef on it would not go over well. Running somewhere else to look at the screen to see what needs to be done next is a pain.

What I was originally thinking about doing was throwing together some very very simple micro atx rig and getting something like a 7 inch to 10 inch touch screen. The computer would be shoved in a cabinet and the screen mounted on a wall. The problem is: it is impossible to find a 7 to 10 inch touch screen, and when I do they cost about $400-$800 ... and then I also need to build the box on top of that. I also might have issues getting windows et all displaying things properly and in a readable manner on one of those screens.

Then I started to think about UMPCs. I would get something small, could throw it on a wall, and also be guaranteed that text would be readable. But, those things cost about $1200 too (Samsung Q1 Ultra).

So now I turn to the experts. Anyone got any other thoughts about how this can be accomplished for not quite so much greenback?

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Asus EEE.

Plus you could get one of those fold out monitors, that fit in a 7 inch bay (Car Radio bay basicaly) rig up a mount for it over the cooker and have it riged up to a small computer (Like an EEE) via a VGA and USB cable. Probably not the cheepest, but would work.

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I think LCD panel kits of that size are more reasonably priced, but of course you would have to put it together etc. I'm also not sure if they come in a touch screen flavor, but I bet they do.

As for Windows vs. Linux, I'm not quite sure what the problem is... Linux has touchscreen support, you just want to make sure you get something that has drivers.
Its a couple years old, so there will be more updated information (the Ubuntu forums are usually a good bet for relatively up to date information on stuff since they are so active with both people who don't know anything and those that know stuff).

I thought there was someone selling something like this before? Perhaps it was just a T.V., but I thought it was a computer designed to install underneath a cabinet above the counter with a screen that folded down and faced you. I haven't seen or heard about it in a while (years?), though.

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Interesting suggestions. I think I was looking in the wrong place to obtain the touchscreens. I was looking in computer stores or variants thereof. Mp3Car has many 7 inch (or larger screens) for much more reasonable prices than the computer places I was looking at.

I have looking into the fold down computer options made for stuff like this, but everything I have run across seems to be running some proprietary OS that I would not be able to install the accuchef program on.
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