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Students At Risk For Hearing Loss

Pull out those iPod earbuds because we’re all at risk for hearing loss. A study was just released that suggests that hearing loss is at an all-time high. The Debbie Downer of this study is that problem is affecting our age group more than anyone else. So stop making fun of your 80 year old grandpa because you’ll soon join him sporting hearing aids instead of headphones.

The study, led by Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Yuri Agrawal, found that people ages 20-29 were at the highest risk. The study also concluded that the hearing loss stemmed from a few preventable causes. The first being noisy environments. You know what that means - put away your Bon Jovi t-shirt because you’ll be seeing less of Madison Square Garden after these findings. Smokers are also at high risk for hearing loss – thus adding another reason to the long list of reasons you should not smoke.

College students subject their ears to constant noise, so here are a few tips on helping your ears out:

• Plug It In – If you’re off to see a Led Zep cover band (or any other loud concerts, for that matter), make sure to bring ear plugs with you. Your ears will probably still be ringing when you leave but at least you’ll be able to listen to the concert comfortably and safely.

• Take a Break – The volume of noise is not the only component to loss of hearing but the length of time listening is also a factor. So take a book with you to read on the subway and take a break from the iPod.

• Keep Out! – Hygiene takes a back seat on this one, apparently it is better not to clean out your ears with cotton swabs because there’s a risk of rupturing ear drums by pushing earwax too far back. Gross!
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fuck everything is fucking bad for you these days.

might as well kill myself, everything i do is going to kill me.

fuck it, life's too short. I'm all for sex, drugs and rock and roll.
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If you keep your ears cleaned out on a regular basis, you won't have wax build-up to push back. Clean your ears, you nasty freaks.
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Hey Sim,

Lots of new threads in Breaking News, that hardly is breaking news.

Keep this board what it is intended for, the really important stuff.

Right now it just looks like you are doing a great
deal of post pumping, and that still is not cool.
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This isn't even new information. Isn't it a requirement for news to be new?

present day present time
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@sgtfuzzbubble99 (or any other mod)

You wouldn't be so kind to move all this crap over to the bin now, would you?
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