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Bookmarking pls file

earlier it was possible to bookmark the PLS file from a radio station in winamp ML, so that every time I wanted to listen to that station I got an actual update of all the servers it's running on. the point is that I didn't have to access the website of shoutcast every time I wanted to listen to the radio station.
now, there is the possibility to listen via the browser-player or you can change the settings to play in your music program (what makes you download the PLS from shoutcast and just run it). so far, so good - but it accidentally happened that I deleted the PLS from my bookmarks so I wanted to re add it.
the problem now is, that I can't find the address of the PLS with the actual list of servers of this radio station. is there a workaround how to get the address of the PLS, so that I can add this as a bookmark and not access every time the shoutcast website?
I think that what I was doing isn't a problem and it just saves traffic, I don't need to display everything and I'm just downloading the few kb the PLS takes... so it's even saving costs to shoutcast itself

sorry for my poor English, but I don't know how to express my problem in a more clear way ...

/edit: and yes - i used the SEARCH and found nothing that would help me

/edit2: i found a stupid workaround, but it will be still working until the old version of shoutcast.com will be unavailable. the old interface (h**p://classic.shoutcast.com]) still allows you to right click and copy the address the tune-in link points to - very nice, but I'm missing that in the new "fresh" interface.
please consider this thread as solved

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I know you said you got it sorted, but what about finding the stream in the new version of the shoutcast site, click the link to open in a player and not the pop-up player, and save what loads as a pls.
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yes, but then I wouldn't get the sometimes changing playlist with the new servers and the old sorted out - I would just have a static list with the today actual servers, which can change for example tomorrow ... that was my problem I tried to solve
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moved to sc website design.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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