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koregraphik: ghost winamp3 skin // ghost

build: july 2, 2003

• main, equalizer, and thinger components glow when the controls are pressed.
• previous and next buttons can be used to seek (click and hold down)
• volume status shown on lcd. will only appear if volume is changed.
• note icon in top left corner. animates when music plays. blinks when music is paused. remains static if music is stopped or there is nothing playing.
• full lcd custom vis. click on note icon to show.
• all components skinned.

to do:
• add switch to turn component glow on/off
• add glow to more components
• add custom video window
• fix minor component bugs
• add more options to skin config window

for those of you who might care, i am still alive. decided to take a break from my other skin. while on the break, i was looking at the default winamp3 skin and was like, i need a new default skin. so here it is. about a week and a half's work. not yet complete. i need help with the component glow switch for the skin config window. i have absolutely no idea how to do it, or if its even possible. i also would like to know what more options i could put in the skin config window. i was thinking perhaps a color theme list (if i even add color themes at this point, they will most likely be for the color of the glow effects, unless y'all really want them for the whole skin) and another switch to have the glow stay on forever, instead of fading out. comments are always welcome, as long as they're constructive.

kgraphik_ghost_7-2-03.wal (348KB)
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