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Animated cursors with skins?

Is it possible to make any kind of animated cursors for your skin... because I would like to make one before my freetrial runs out on this icon editor I have. It is call Art Icons Pro.. Is there any way to do that?
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Don't use Art Icons Pro!! I used it for the first skin I did with cursors, and it created a hell of a lot of problems, like setting the cursor hotpoints weirdly, making the cursors totally whack on some people's computers. Besides, I don't think it makes animated cursors. Maybe it does, maybe I didn't have the "pro" version.

Anyway, MicroAngelo is the best cursor program from my experience. Get it here:


To answer your question: yes. Animated cursors are .ANI files, but you need to rename them to .CUR files before you include them in the WSZ file, otherwise winamp won't recognise them (but even though they are CUR, they still will be animated)

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Thanks for the warning... I wondered why ArtIcons Sucked.... I've uninstalled it...
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