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Bandwith Question - Clarification


I have been streaming my little station for a while now. I only have 128 upload so things are pretty light on in terms of user access. However I now have access to a dedicated server that is running the shoutcast server, and I have access to 1000 gig of transfer a month, with a 100mbit pipe attached to it.

Anyway, will this actually make any difference. I have gone through the forums over and over again, and I am still not completely sure. But as I am still broadcasting from my 128k upload to the new server running shoutcast, will it mean that I will be able to have a lot more users? Or does the user count still come from what my upload speed is? Or does it now only count as one stream up to the dedicated server, which then splits it into however many it can handle?

Also another question regarding the backup file in the config, does that actually loop? So if my internet connection goes down, will it loop a long file that could replace my exisiting program?

Thanks for your help.

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The bandwidth used will be that of the machine hosting the DNAS (SHOUTcast server).

Use this listener calculator and this bandwidth calculator.


The backup file only plays (and I believe loops) for those who are already connected. Those who are not connected will not be able to connect and hear the backup file.

-- Michael
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Please note that you will only be able to stream as fast as you can upload to that server.

I.e., I can only stream at a max of 96k because my upload is around 110 kbps. I have 2 streams, 56k, and 24k, I upload them to the server, which can broadcast to 20 users.

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That is all great. Thanks for your help!

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