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Winamp custom EQ plugin

HEllo, My name is Andrew.

I would like to ask a few simple things about winamp plugins. I'm not a big programmer, I used to to some silly things in PHP, bot nothing else to be honest..

I'm into speaker building. I do mean good speakers.
In reality a speaker never ever has a flat response curve, it will allways have some errors. This varrys from freqvency range to freqvency range. I did see a few verry good plugin for winamp, equalizers.

But.. Problem is that the controlled frekvencys are not realy matching where the speakers have peeks or deeps.
(I'm not english, sorry for my gramar, I may not use english words properly)

So I was thinking, if I mesure a speakers freqvency response, than a custom plugin could do eqvalisation, to correct errors in the freqvency band.

As for options, it would only need an "enable" checkbox only, so it can be turned on/off to see the difference.

As I mentioned I'm not a programmer sadly.
Would it be possible to obtain some kind of "template" I could alter ?

It would be verry handy as I could take mesurements, and use it to correct at the exact freqvency, and the exact amount to get rid of critical errors inthe passband. (Like crossover freqvency notch filter , that would be awesome..)

To better show what I have in mind I show a tipical "not so good" speaker data.

data pdf

if You click this, You will see a PDF file.
If You scroll down, You will see the actual free-air resonance chart. It is obvious this speaker is far from linear.
If I design a proper box for it, that will carry the flaws of this speaker too. But, if I could equalise the flaws, even this speaker could be quite good.

An other thing that would need a bit of correction is the group delay. This is freqvency dependent too,
it would enhance it by a lot, if I could correct it.

So.. any idea how could I make sutch a plugin, or how could I obtain a source code I could alter?

I don't quite know the structure of these source codes,
I would think of something that has a funktion I could "copy-paste" and alter freqvency range affected, and the level of correction as many times as I need to correct errors in the system.

Thank You for reading, any help is welcomed.
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