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Thank You!

Hi all.
Ive been using Winamp since 2.75 (or somewhere in that region) and i immediatly fell for it. But i never got to say THANKS to all the people who have contributed in the development in Winamp.
here it is: THANK YOU ALL MAZAFAKKAS (that was ment in a good way, no offence. Really).
This free product is better than any payd product (like Realplayer, Quicktime etc) i have ever seen, and most important: its little, its available and it doesnt suck up all your 1gig RAM like WMP does .
Even though i love this magnifiscent piece of software, i cant avoid being annoyed by some things.
The part that annoys me most is that Winamp's website was last updated like five or six months ago thats really crappy.
I actually had to go to the Forums to find out stuff like WA5 and WA2.95.

But generally i love Winamp, i think i might even make a "I love NY" parody and change it to "I Love WA"

so, thanks for everything.
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