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This is also very good and fun Android sport game
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Thumbs up

I prefer online games.Sometimes I play at school on https://gamesunblocked.us or at home.In specially I like to play snowboard games in 3d.
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I think now flash games are dead. only unity3d and html5 games are popular due to their accessibility on mobile. but still on web brand like Friv, Kizi, Yepi, Yoob and others do well due to their userbase.

I still think that old fashioned games are more popular than the new type of games. Now even browser based games are popular. For example Angry Birds is popular on chrome where user can play online free of cost.
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im a newbie to this forum so have anyone recommended to me some interesting games for android?
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i have been playing http://appnaz.com/android/clue-com.marmalade.cluedogame recently. Try this!
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commandos i know there is a lot of people remember this game
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Minecraft. Are there anyone here playing it with me? I had downloaded it via http://appnaz.com/en-gb/android/mine...ng.minecraftpe
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My all time favorite game is friv, i love friv and also kizi, now i have found the new site io games which are amazing multiplayer online games.
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My favorite one is Resident Evil 7, its awesome!
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I love online games, but some games that are very high on my all time favorites are:
Master of Magic
Lands of lore
Has anyone seen something similar in the light version?
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First place in my list of favorite games: League of Legends, I have level 30 account, I bought it here https://gamestore.live/lol-accounts/lvl-30​​​​​​​ so game is amazing really, never boring
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Any game that came with the Vectrex... and Tetris (Boring I know) But Tetris got me through some nights when I couldn't sleep

Have a soft spot or Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy

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I'm in love with Dead Trigger 2 game, just found this hack and it works perfectly I recommend it to anyone!
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- Last Of Us
- Horizon Zero Down
- Shadow Of Mordor / Shadow of War
- Crackdown 1 and hopefully Crackdown 3 - Not the second
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My all time favorite game is not one there are many in the list. The entire childhood of mine is full of games. Dad always plays flash games with us. Mario. Contra. Ben 10. Islander. Contra. These days children are moving to Xbox all this stuff. The Flash trend is vanishing slowly. But in between all this stuff I manage to play Dino game which is offered by google free of cost in fact you don't need internet to play this game. Whenever I get free time in office , I Switch off the internet and play this game.
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In my opinion, the most popular games of today are the Webgl, HTML5 and Unity3d games that can be played on the platform of the Friv official website Friv.com website. The difference between these games and the flash games is that the html5 games that will come up in 2018 and 2019 will be even easier to play on all the mobile devices accessible from Chrome. Another good thing is that friv games are very popular all over the world, the games are translated as follows: Spanish Juegos Friv 2018 or Juegos Friv 2019, French Jeux de Friv 2018, Jeux de Friv 2019, Portuguese Jogos Friv 2018 etc. Recall that most of the large sites dedicated to friv games offer the best war games, multiplayer at no cost and without any registration.
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It means that you can play even together with your children if you have kids, or with parents as well.
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Read article: League of Legends Removing Level 30: New levels in League of Legends
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Online games are a virtual reality, into which a child is immersed while playing. Virtuality itself allows him to live and lose what he finds difficult or impossible to do in real life. The success of online games for children is explained by the fact that these games allow you to show and implement important children's needs: express the accumulated aggression, go through difficulties and achieve success, team up and feel that there is someone who is always for you. The drive from overcoming obstacles gives the child a sense of his own power, savvy, "coolness", victory creates an illusory sense of omnipotence. The trouble in all this is only one: he gets all this compensatory.

Compensatory satisfaction of needs is like an opportunity to have a prosthesis instead of a living leg. Such a way to meet our needs occurs when, for some reason, there is no way to satisfy them directly. If a child can not feel successful, a winner, someone who is able to overcome difficulties and succeed in his child's life, then he naturally wants to get it in some other way.

I did not track reliable statistics, but I am absolutely convinced that any boy (that is, they are more into online games) would prefer an interesting hike with overcoming obstacles, traveling, fishing with his father to any online game. Especially if the father intends to be in this senior companion and support in him perseverance and faith in his strength and victory. If a child can live something in reality, he does not need compensation. No sane person will exchange a healthy leg for a prosthesis.

But. If there is no opportunity to realize important needs, then the child, and any person, will seek and find other ways to meet them. Adult people for such compensation can use alcohol or narcotic intoxication. Among them there are a lot of those who use the same online games, porn sites and other ways to live what is important for them to live. But it is more difficult for them to invest in their real life and fill it with real contacts, deeds or successes, than go into their compensations.

The infatuation of online games by a child is, above all, a symptom that tells us, adults, about what our children really lack. The traditional misconception is that aggressive online games make children aggressive. Games are a consequence, it is an opportunity to pour out the aggression that already exists in our child. It accumulated in it, because we did not want to notice and, moreover, consider that it was we, parents, family or other surroundings of the child that were the source of his accumulated aggression.

We, adults, often do not even notice how regularly and totally we can criticize, urge, insult, suppress, humiliate our children, that is, in effect, manifest themselves aggressively towards them. And then we will be surprised that there is so much anger in them. In addition, most adults react with indignation to the attempts of our children to place this aggression in the field of our family. And then where do they place it then? If for attempts to fight in school, he will be given a scolding, at home any attempts to get rid of resentment, resentment and anger, are not welcome, to put it mildly. Where to place those portions of daily received aggression from the adults and peers surrounding it?

The opportunity for your children to be friends with manifestations of their anger and express their aggression adequately and according to the situation, as well as your calm and respectful family emotional field, will allow him not to resort to online games for such compensation.

Any compensation is understandable and acceptable if they do not become dependent. To drink a glass of wine or to play it while watching a good movie on TV is an acceptable way to get away from problems, relax, relax, switch. Also with games. Sometimes playing, having ceased to be super-light and serious - is also an important and simple way of rest and switching. But if the game becomes an addiction, then it turns into a much bigger problem for the whole family, because the fact of its presence shows deep psychological problems, not only the playing child itself, but the whole family as a whole. It is inefficient and even dangerous to fight such dependence on your own, because your family will begin to sink into a co-dependent situation, start taking the child's control of his games, than can only increase his dependence, because he will prevent the child from gaining his own control over his compensation.
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Kingdom Hearts, the original, every time I think about this game a feeling of peace and good old times come into my mind.
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