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Intercepting 'View file info...' command

Hi, I'm looking for a way of intercepting the 'View file info...' command in a plug-in.

I've got a GeneralPurpose plug-in working nicely, trapping various commands (actually its purpose is to scrobble tracks played from my Firefly server). But I would like to extend it to trap when the user selects View file info on a playlist entry or the curently playing song. But can't for the like of me find the right messages to trap.

I'm working in Delphi. SO what I've got in essense is:

SetWindowLong(plugin.hwndParent, GWL_WNDPROC, Integer(@HookWinampWnd));


function HookWinampWnd(Handle: HWND; Msg: Integer;
wParam, lParam: Longint): LRESULT;


if (Msg=WM_WA_IPC) and (lParam=IPC_PLAYING_FILE) then

Anyone able to tell me what Msg and/or lParam I need to catch when the user selects 'View file info' (or even if I am doing this completely wrong!)

Thanks. Sorry if I don't explain myself very well.
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