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Add option = choose vis. beat detection frequency range

First of all, I LOVE winamp and have been using it for over 15 years! It is the most comprehensive, option-laden audio program for windows I've come across! Not to mention, the best sounding! Just wanted to say great job on my first post, keep it up!

I love the milkdrop visualization plug-in! Tons of options and fun to watch, especially with the mesh size cranked up on a 4k screen! BEAUTIFUL!

BUT, I've been thinking for a LONG time now that I would love to have an option to select which frequencies the beat detection responds to on the visualization.

I would like the option to select bass only frequencies to be detected by the milkdrop visualization. It seems as though it responds to ALL frequencies, which some visualizations seem like they need in order to work right, but IMHO, others would benefit from responding to only bass frequencies.

Or have a selectable high frequency cut-off or band-pass filter. I realize the beat rides on the bass kicks and snares but some other frequencies seem to muddy up the quality of the beat detections ability to detect the actual bass kicks and snares, and it ends up missing a lot of the beats.

Not sure if it's even possible as far as coding, or if the detection is dependent/coded in each visualization. Doesn't have to be exactly what I said, but some other options to tweak the beat detection would be nice! If there are options that I'm not seeing, please let me know!
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