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Now playing to text file

Hi there,

i am looking for a solution to make an external txt file of the now playing details from shoutcast V2. This to use the txt file for dynamic RDS system. This should be done local on an external system (no shoutcast player on this system)
There is no FTP options possible.

I hope that somebody can help me on this?

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There are few ways you can pull the currently playing track, I think for your situation the easiest is to just use
http://<SERVER IP ADDRESS>:<SERVER PORT>/currentsong?sid=1
(that is just a example depending on mountpoint, you can just goto your SHOUTcast DNAS page and click on the current song/artist)

If you need to actually write it to a text file on your server, that is also possible, you could set up a cron job to run every min, write a few lines of code to check the current track against the track in the text file, when the song changes then you write the new song to the file, etc, ...

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This alternative worked for me:

UpdateTitle 2.9 is free software that allows you to update your song titles while broacasting live with a player such as Winamp, Raduga, ZaraRadio, DRS2006 or from a TXT file (made thru RDS) file hosted on a shoutcast or icecast server.

This update is realized thru the Metadata included inside the stream broadcasted by a server.

You don't have to change anything on your SAM or Winamp configuration, as UpdateTitle is an independent program.

Download Here

UpdateTitle 2.9 Configuration:

- Server IP: Server adress (or IP)
- Server port: Port (e.g.8000)
- Server admin/dj password: Only your password
- Stream buffer: Don't change (default is 15000)

Server type: Choose Shoutcast 2 (in my case I use SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.3.5)

Player type: choose Text file (RDS)

Player buffer (crossfader): Don't change (default is 3000)

Text file path: Indicate the directory where you created your txt file

Then click on Update parameters

Press Start to send information
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Thanks for your help so far!

Tommy.. the URL is clear.. this works, but now to send the output in a txt file, which automatic update by changing song / artist.

I tried to setup the program, but without succes.
Shoutcast is in my situation working on an external server. He is not grabbing online true shoutcast the song information. I assume that i have to create minimal an txt file to display, but correct me if i am wrong..
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First you must check again the content of your parameters, they must be the same as those of the server.

Important Parameters
Server IP:
Server Port:
Server type: (Shoutcast 1.X, Shoutcast 2.X -Remember to use the Stream # sid-, Icecast v.X
Titles directory: (Where the software will host the created texts, title-current and title-previous)
Server admin/dj password: (No metter where your server is, the only requirement is to have the PASSWORD with which you authenticate on your server.)

And then push the button: Update parameters
Player Type: Text file
Text file path: Find your Text File (made by RDS previously, in your case) If you don't have it, you must manually create the text each song)

To end press the button: Start

You should get something like that:


======== [13:03:20 18/01/2017] ========
Text file: [C:\Users\SHOUTcast\RDS\Song Titles.txt]
Current Title: [The Tide Is High - Blondie]
Previous Title: [The Story In Your Eyes - The Moody Blues]
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Thats clear to me, but i dont have any RDS txt file. He should grab the title and artist info from the shoutcast server
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@jbmusic, try to create it.
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if you have a *nix host you can simply run the following command... add it to a cron job even =]

$ curl http://radiodomain.comort/currentsong?sid=1 > /path/to/file.txt
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