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Help with a Linksys router and server

Hey can some one help me out ...I have a Linksys router whwich assigns me a ip of .....i belive that is because of my network card....Well when i turn on the shoucast server ...it is looking for connections on that ip ....but only computers on my lan can access that ip...can some one tell me what I can do???? another thing is weird is that when i go to whatsmyipaddress.com my ip is something diffrent ......it is thr routers ip ....but that doesnt work either....
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192.168.X.X are internal LAN IPs, therefore they are not the IPs you give out for prople on the open internet. You have to use your actual IP assgned by your ISP, which is the one you get form that website. Then you have to set up the router to translate the proper ports to your machine (See the router documentation)
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You need to enable Port Forwarding

I have a linksys router at home as well so I can tell you exactly what you need to do.
1) The IP that you will need to listen from is the routers IP. This is because the routers ip is the one that is seen from the internet (can't be a 192.x.x.x)
2) You need to know what port you are broadcasting your stream from. I believe the default port (assuming you didn't change it in the config of the Server) is 8000.
3) You need to go into your router and click on the Forwarding tab. You then need to enable the port you have for your server, plus 1. Example if you are using the default port 8000 then you need to type in ports 8000 and 8001. After you enter those ports you need to type in next to it the address of your computer you are streamin from. That would be the 192.x.x.x. In your case What this does is anything that comes in on those ports would be forwarded to the computer with the IP you specify. Apply it and now you should be able to hear it from computers outside your intranet.
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