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M3U, http files and download scripts

I'm trying to compile a playlist consisting of several different formats.

I can, for example, create an M3U playlist that contains list of .xm/.it-files located on a webserver and it works fine. They get downloaded and then played.

Now comes the problem, if I want to have the files downloaded through a download script. Winamp automatically interprets it as if I'm trying to stream mp3 data and setting a correct filename in the Content-Type and Content-Disposition-headers doesn't help.

Is there any way around this or does winamp explicitly use the filename in the url to determine what format it's supposed to treat the file as?
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Yes, Winamp reads the file extension to determine which input plugin to use.
If no extension is specified in the url, then Winamp assumes it's an MPEG Audio Stream and uses in_mp3.dll

This particular type of issue has been addressed previously when trying to play WMA streams from an mms:// address, but I don't know if works with other formats/extensions.

Re: How to play Windows Media streams (ASF/ASX) with Winamp

The fix in this case is to add /.wma to the end of the url, but as I said, I don't know if it works with (PHP/Java) scripts or XM/IT modules, etc. (add: /.mod)
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Actually, a quick glance at these threads gave me an idea.

I got away with simply adding the filename as an unused parameter at the end of the script. Seems to work like a charm!

Thanks for the help.
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