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New camera?

Been thinking about getting a new camera lately. If I do get one, it'll probably be after I move, but that shouldn't be long from now (hopefully). At any rate, I have some pretty specific criteria for a camera, and I can't find one that meets all of it. I've found a few that come pretty close, though, and I'd greatly appreciate everyone else's opinions, comments, and suggestions.

Here is my ideal set of criteria for a new camera:

- At least a 5.0 Megapixel effective resolution.
- Large CCD/CMOS. (1/2.0" or larger for 5.0Mp to 6.2Mp, 1/1.8" or larger for 6.3Mp and up.)
- Uses standard batteries. (AA, AAA, etc. No proprietary battery packs.)
- At least 10x optical zoom. (Digital Zoom optional.)
- Large LCD. (2.0" or larger preferred, 1.8" minimum.)
- At least ISO 800 at max res. (Preferably ISO 1600.)
- Fast startup time. (1.4 seconds or faster.)
- xD media card compatible preferred.
- Must have USB cable included.
- Must save images in standard file formats.

Everything else is pretty negotiable. I'd prefer to stay away from dSLR cameras, but I'm not shutting them out completely as an option. I really like the case style/design of most dSLR cameras, but I prefer to be able to use the LCD to take pictures most of the time. I might consider a dSLR as long as the viewfinder has digital information superimposed on the actual reflected image, though. I hate the really high prices of most of the cameras that I've come across, but that comes with wanting a good quality camera. I'm not looking for anything professional, but I want something with better quality than my point-and-shoot digital camera. I know that it's probably impossible to find a camera that fits all of my criteria, but I'm open for suggestions.

I looked at a few different models from a few different manufacturers. I was checking out Kodak and Canon, but it looks like all of their cameras use battery packs. I refuse to buy a camera that doesn't use standard batteries. The closest thing I've found to what I'm looking for so far is the Fuji FinePix S9000. It's an SLR-like camera, so the LCD can be used for taking pictures, but it's smaller than the LCD on my E550. The CCD is a decent size for the resolution, but I'd have preferred it to be a little larger. I was also looking at the Olympus Evolt E-500 as well (edit: That is, until I realized that it uses a battery pack). This one is a true dSLR. The weird thing is, this one has the larger LCD. Wtf is up with that? You can't use the LCD to take pictures with a dSLR. This screen should be on the Fuji. Still though, it's a very nice camera, and I'm seriously considering it as well. The total resolution is a little lower than the Fuji, but its CCD is a little bigger. That should mean that its pictures should be sharper and less noisy, I'd hope.

I don't know a huge amount about digital cameras in general, but I know a little. I'm always open for suggestions and knowledge that anyone's willing to share. I will NOT, however, consider buying a Sony product.
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