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with #1: the reason is because when smooth resizing is off, the winamp frame is locked to fixed interval sizes for the height and width. due to the original sizing of the jtf dialog it doesn't quite match up with what Winamp allows on the frame size and so the dimensions are out a bit as you've seen. i could do things like resizing the jtf dialog so that the size of the frame can be adjusted to match in better but as i said earlier i don't like moving things around like that at the best of times (plus smooth resizing is a lot sexier )

with #2: depending on how time allows, etc i think i may re-assess the location of the copied bitmaps (though i am restricted to a 9x9 block for the button from pledit.bmp so it will never be exact (i did see what the skinners felt about a mod to the existing skin files without breaking the fallback support but response was a bit low so i'm not going to touch that again for a while if at all).

as for exact details on the issue as time allows i'll post a bit more about how the code is actually working to adjust things since it does a number of pixel checks on the file to determine if the bug exists or not (skinning is a pain at times )


yeah it's been a while now on the ol' girl the next few days is solid on the scheduler and a few other things so it all should be fun (just reading up on a few things to implement that all at the mo )


yeah it is a pretty neat option, i may add in a hotkey for it as well since i sometimes want it to scroll for a few songs and then flip it back to being off


i may do a build 6 tonight to get in a few things that time didn't allow due to spending most of the night fixing the queue handler (and hopefully no one will see the crash handler working in the build )

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