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Color Map Details

How exactly does Colormap work? What is it that it actually do?

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Reading a color based value from the avs-screen.
This can be a pixels:
-red color value
-blue color value
-green color value
-the maximum color [red, blue or green, whatever is the highest]
-old brigtness (red+blue+green)/2
-corrected brightness (red+blue+green)/2

Depending on the per pixel color values, it does a mapping.

Color values are in a range from 0 to 255.

As you create your colormap, you are assigning specific or mixed colors to each value in this range.

So now in runtime, colormap reads the desired value of each pixels, looks up the equivalent color in your map. By assigning these into a new frame, the mapping is pretty much done.

Now there's still the blending to do, either simple replace, or additive or whatever you desire.

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