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Many men only want one thing from me

I know the behaviour of men, since I was a teenager. If I was outside, suddenly a strange man had approached me, and it was very difficult to get rid off that man. For example in a department store I had to take a different exit. And I had to fend off a man once, fortunately nothing worse happened (but that's the destiny of many other women)...
I learned to know also a man, much older than me, and I didn't know his character at first. Then he wanted me to fix up with another man, although I didn't like the other man, and he didn't understand, why I didn't like the other man, he blamed me, I would have become so intolerant. In that time I wanted to study "Electrotechnic", but suddenly he said: "Electrotechnic, that's nothing for a woman. A woman has to marry, a woman must give birth to children, a woman has always to stand at the stove in the kitchen and a woman must never do anything else!". He said also: "A woman must have fat on the body!". So that the man can grab better? I became very angry and also very aggressive to him. When he began to touch me there, where he was not allowed to touch me, I didn't want to see him again anymore. Another woman asked me: "Why didn't You have given him a mouth-clamp?"...
These were times before the internet. I had also many men at the telephone, and mostly they also only wanted one thing from me, but then I didn't want to have them at the telephone anymore. Another man said once: "You have finally to get a friend!". But I myself can decide, when I want to do that, nothing can be imposed. The time didn't have come yet...
1985 I learned to know Frank, 1992 we got engaged and 1993 we married. It must always be given enough time. 2 people will find each other some day, they will try out, if they can live together, and then they will marry...
Today we live in the time of the internet. I have many contacts in the internet, mostly normal contacts. But many men are adding me in the platforms, because they only want one thing from me. Suddenly they write me a private message, and I have to tell them: "I am already married!", but they all ignore that and they say instead: "But I am a very good man for you!". Recently a man added me, then he wrote me a private message: "I hope, You are a woman, I'm not keen on men!". I didn't answer. I flagged his message as spam, I deleted the friendship with him and I blocked him. I think, many other women would have done the same with him...
I hate unmodest men with bad manners, who only want one thing from me, and it seems, many men don't have a morality. I am not their subject. I am a woman. I have my own pride and my own rights, and I do not leave anything to do with me...
Fortunately we live in the 21st century...
Greetings from Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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