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Is it possible to track a phone number location?

My best friend keeps on getting pretty insulting texts from someone and obviously we don't know who it is, the phone number shows up but is there a way to track down this number and find the owner of this phone?

Cheers in advance.
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I don't think the phone line provider will provide you the information of the phone number owner, but yeah you can track the country and region code I think. If it's a cell phone number then I have no idea.
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spamlink removed
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Just a spamlink that has been removed

nothing to read here, please move along.
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Here in Denmark there is a database for all phone numbers that you can search online (unless the person has a hidden number). So I'm guessing there's no such thing where you live?

But sometimes I've had luck finding information about phone numbers, by googling it in quotes (which let's google know that the keyword has to be on the page), like this "1234568".

And if there is anything illegal in the messages, then the police might be able to help.

Good luck finding a solution.

One more idea - why don't you try calling the number from another phone. Maybe the person will answer the phone and tell you who he/she is...
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For ordinary people, it is possible to do this only approximately
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