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Encoder Problem ??

Dear all,

I've searched for the answer to this one (as usual) but haven't come across one ...

I'm now broadcasting two streams - one @ 128 kbps and the other @ 24 kbps. The problem I have is that at the beginning of each new track the music 'splutters' for a couple of seconds, annoying stuff !! I've contacted my stream host who have advised that this is an encoder problem.

I'm using Winamp v 5.09 with the DSP v 1.8.2b with a strong uplink to my servers. The (dedicated) streaming PC is relatively powerful (AMD Sempron 2400+ with 1 GB SDDRAM) and is dedicated (never runs anything other than WinAmp).

Is it simply a question that my PC isn't powerful to encode both streams efficiently ? Or is it something else ?

Pretty much all of my mp3s are 160 kbps.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated !!

Many thanks.

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Hey, Dee!

I know that I've dealt with this problem in the past... Do you know of any other way to describe what happens? And/or could you post a link to your stream?

-- Michael
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Thanks for the reply djm

The problem is that once a track changes, the first few seconds of the new track is slightly broken-up, sometimes buffering (again, only briefly) but this is constantly happening ... Annoying if I'm broadcasting an entire set of music where the track changes should be as seemless as possible. Appreciate there will inevitably be a slight 'pause' but this is more irritating than that ...

There aren't any real spikes in the CPU usage - it measures around 10 - 20 % on average. It's only running WinAmp and the DSP in any case.

Link to my 128 kbps stream

Thanks again !!

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