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Great Asian Movies

Asian Masterpieces

A recent thread discusses Asian movies. Unfortunately, it is concerned mainly with newer ones and forgets the real masterpieces.

I consider therefore that a short presentation of Asian Masterpieces becomes necessary.

There are 2 names that I associate with Asian movies: Akira Kurosawa and Kenji Mizoguchi.

Of course, when I say Akira Kurosawa, many of you will remember The Seven Samurai. This is a truly masterpiece, but it is not Kurosawa's only masterpiece. Though I agree, it is possibly the best action movie ever made.

I liked Ran very much. The viewer does NOT live the action scenes like those in The Seven Samurai, rather, the viewer stares helpless at all the killings like a half-god, BUT unable to alter the action leading ultimately to the inevitable demise of the main characters. It is a truly masterpiece, though, if you like some martial arts movies, than you are probably the wrong audience.

Some other excellent Kurosawa movies are Rashomon, Yojimbo, Kagemusha, The Hidden Fortress and many more.

Kenji Mizoguchi is the second Japanese director that created epic masterpieces. Both Ugetsu and Sanshoo Dayuu are real masterpieces dealing with the old Japanese society, with the human nature and with other complex subjects. Unfortunately, these old Japanese movies are not as easy to get in the West. I am still looking for Lady Musashino and for other Mizoguchi movies.

I must shamefully admit that I haven't yet seen Raise the Red Lantern. This is a newer movie, but I heard very positive critics about it.

IF you're looking for great movies, Roger Ebert's Great Movies List is a good starting point. It includes several Asian Movies (like 7 Samurai, Ran, and Ugetsu).
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I will say that Among the Asian movies , Indian movies are also the popular ones. The celebrities like Amitabh Bachan and Aishwarys Rai are known all over the world. Sholay and 3 idiots are also the most popular Asian movies.
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I have also watched many Asian movies in my life. I think all are very nice movies. Now, Many Asian movies are famous like "Debang", "Ocean Heaven"," break up club" and "Raajneeti". All are awesome movies.
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