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I need a NSV monitor

Basically what I need is this...

30 seconds after a shoutcast title change, I need a screenshot of the stream (saved $title.jpg)

Is there a tool out there already that can do this? Anyone willing to hack one together for me? Please?

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That sounds alot easyier than it actually would be
to devel.

In flash streaming its simple but with nsv it would be a nightmare.

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What keeps me from doing it is the R n D regarding the meta data.

Its all straight forward.
I can bitmap at any time and write to disc.

I never had to deal with it. If I had, it would be a one day project.

Jkey is correct and I agree that this would be a five minute job in flash, complete with posting picture to mysql DB with info etc....

For the price of this tool, you could convert over to red5 and flash streaming.

I would highly advise flash.

and yes, it would be a five minute job. In c++ I will have to rnd 8 hours on meta data, then 4 hours of direct show, then 2-4 hours implementing the final app tests.
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