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Album Art

Hello, I have a Galaxy SIII and winamp pro and had a question about album art. I transferred music from my PC to my phones sd card and some tracks have art some dont. So I use album washer and get them. So all is good right? Kinda. Now I have all these pictures in my gallery. Once I delete them the album art is gone.

So here is my question ... How to I get album washer to get me the art, keep it from going in my photo gallery? I also looked all over the phone and sd card and can not find this pictures or thumbnails I think they are called any where.

Any Ideas ???

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I'd also like to know if this is possible and if not, can we implement a feature to select a specific folder to be used by the app/Album Washer
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Right now the problem is that Android searches directories for recognizable media and automatically puts it into the gallery. You can put a file .nomedia in the directory to prevent it but then it would not show your music. We have discussed this in the beta thread. You are welcome to put in your thoughts also. Right now the only way I have been doing it is to embed the art into a songs MP3 tag. That is not a great way because it duplicates the artwork in every song.
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