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Winamp will most likely have something to do with NFTs

I intended to bump my previous thread about that mystical beta, that somehow got derailed into other things, fun! So, no point in that.
A friend of mine finally got an email asking to fill out another form, asking you a bunch of things and what you want from the new Winamp yadda yadda yadda, marketing talk.

Then what's that thread title about and why should you be concerned?

Someone on Twitter posted a screenshot of Jean-Louis Lauwers's Linkedin where it lists his position at Winamp as "NFT", with another line stating "Metaverse". If either has your head scratching, I'll explain quickly.


NFT's are "Non Fungible Tokens" where you essentially own a receipt of you owning a link to something, but never the thing you bought. They're often associated with stolen art (and now recently, musicians too), scams and legitimate collections consisting of very ugly art of various animals in the same pose with various different things (hats, expressions, etc).


The "Metaverse" wants to be a glorified Holodeck, where you use some VR software to interact with others and it has it's ties to NFT and cryptocurrency exclusively, what's the point of that? No idea.

With these things in mind, it should be clear by now that the Winamp we knew and loved is dead, if their "Set the tone" marketing will lead to NFTs/cryptocurrency, which means that, whatever comes out, won't be the same as before anymore.

What to do now? What are your options?

At this point, you're better off with 5.666 or WACUP if you don't want to deal with this and neither the 5.8 beta.
"But I don't want alternatives, I only want the official updates from Winamp!"
GLWT. If you're happy with whatever they do now, I won't bother to stop or help you.
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