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After reset playlist window is empty - unless I hide it and show it again

I have no problems with displaying tags, loading playlists etc.

But if I leave Winamp rolled out to the form in which the playlist windows is visible, than after resetting of the system Winamp will be shown in that form- but its playlist will be shown as empty. But in reality it is not as I can press play and a file will be played and I can even skip tracks back and forth- but the list will remain empty until I roll it down Winamp be the means of showing Winamp in form of a ticket-bar and then un-roll it again to the form in which I can see the window of playlist. I can leave also leave Winamp as it is [i.e. with empty playlist after entering the system] and just load up any audio file or playlist file to it - they will show up in that playlist window correctly

It is not a big deal but it is plain annoying and a little counter-productive


It seems that my recent installment of version 5.666 over 5.8 and then again 5.8 over 5.666 [in relation to this: http://forums.winamp.com/showpost.ph...&postcount=12] have fixed this issue- but I am not sure if it will not come back. Because I did not had that problem on XP and Windows 7 - only on Windows 10 it showed up. And now I am using my second Windows 10 based machine, with the operating system having been also installed from scratch
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empty, empty playlist, playlist, reset

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