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problems/errors and question with API


i have notice some errors/problems using http://yp.shoutcast.com/sbin/newxml.phtml for getting genre list or radio list.

5 or 6 genre are repeated twice, like "college", "talk", ...
<genre name="Classical Period"/>
<genre name="College"/>
<genre name="College"/>
<genre name="Comedy"/>

when i get a radio list, there is a "ct" (current track playing) for each radio, but when i use the "ct" for searching a song or group, all the time the "ct" value is wrong.
ex :
<station name="METALZONE INTERNET RADIO" mt="audio/mpeg" id="521133" br="56" genre="Metal" ct="Iron Maiden - Phantom Of The Opera" lc="11"/>

i go listen the radio just after reading this info (<>100ms), and the radio is playing another track, NEVER the "ct"

i have a question :
in a search, i want to limit the result to every radio who has a bitrate between 24 and 128, how i do this ?
for now, i can limit to a particular bitrate (br=64) but not a range.

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1) Alas a bug you have to cope with. If you key the results, then they should just merge into one, where there are duplicates, nothing you can do about it.

2)Regarding the listening and track name in the directory.

These will never be the same. The touch time, so how often the radio station updates the directory will be between 3 and 5 minutes, so whatever is listed is more than likely never going to be the same track if standard radio of 3/4 minutes long.

3) Bitrate search .. no idea.


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so the "ct" value is completely useless
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