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Why does it do this?

When I start Winamp3 everything is great until I try to add songs to the playlist..Then it freaks out saying there is an error in the "Common.DLL" File...Aight, I've dealt with this before and solved it easliy by replacing the file...But it doesn't work in this case that I know of nor do I want to cahance it and find out...What would be the best way to fix the problem?

Windows Version? 2000 ME {4.90, Build 3000}
Memory? 126 RAM
CPU & Speed? Intell Pentium III, 1000 MHz
DirectX version? 7.1 {}
Soundcard? ESS Allegro
Video? Intel(r) 82810E Graphics Controller
Are you using Winamp on a user account ? No
Winamp3 Version? 3.0
Did you install Winamp3 with Internationalization support? Yes
Did you install any third party Winamp components (add-ins)? No, just skins
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Hello FuryOfTheBlind,

I have 3 words for you.... Update, update, update

The recommended DirectX version for Winamp3 is at least 8.1. The latest version of DirectX is 9.0b.

Earlier version of DirectX...
DirectX 8.1 for Win98 or WinME
DirectX 8.1 for Win2000

Go to your sound card's web site for updates for the sound driver. If you have a on board sound chip go to the web site of your computer provider or the manufacturer of the motherboard.

Download the Winamp3 update patch and install it while Winamp is not running.

Internationalization support is experimental and buggy. I suggested that you reinstall WA3 without Int. Support. Use the uninstall/reinstall the procedure outlined in the following thread.

Some helpful reading...
Winamp3 Trouble Shooter
Winamp Forums Winamp3 FAQ

If the above suggestions don't resolve the problem, you might want to try Classic Winamp 2. The latest version is 2.91.

Winamp 2 Home Page
Winamp 2 Feature List
Winamp 2 Download

I am leaving for vacation. So I would like to let you know I will not be making any more replies until some time next week. If anyone else would like to step in help please do so.

Good Luck!

Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
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