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Why Only 666 Quiry's In Media Library

Hi Fellow Winamper's ,
My Questions :

1. Why Can There Only Be 666 Query's In Gen_ml.ini ?

I Can Ad More Than 666, But After A Restart From
Winamp It Returns To The 666 Playlists
( Medialibrary ) .

2. Is There A Plugin Or Will This Be Changed In The
Winamp5.02 Or Higher Version ?

Because My Collection Is Bigger Than 666
Playlists .

3. Why Are There Drive Names In The Gen_ml.ini ?

When You Save A Playlist The Drivename ( D: ) Is Left Out.
In The plf????.m3u ( ML Dir ) They Are Aded Into The Lists.
I Have Multiple Windows ( ME & XP ), and In ME My MP3
Drive Is E:\, While Under XP It Is D:\.
I Myself Edit Them Out ... But This Is A Whole Lota Work.

4. Same As Question 2 .

I Thank You If You Answer My Questions .


P.S. Please Stop Whiping The Lama's Ass, It Is More Red
Than Rudolf's Nose
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hm~ i have a simmilar problem... when i enqueue all my stuff, save it & reload the playlist... all files after "w" dissappeared. when i save these missing files in an own playlist, close winamp and reload the playlist, all these files dissappeared too.

i tried enqueuing all my stuff in another MP3 Player (Foobar) and it works without problems. when i save the list as .m3u & load it into winamp i don't have any probs except reloading all the tags & file infos.

hope someone can help us ;_;


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