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Preset Hotkeys/.ini

Request: Ability to jump to a preset instantly using a hotkey

It would probably end up being something like milk2_img.ini and milk2_msg.ini - create a file full of preset references and number assignments. To launch the specific preset you'd do something similar to milk2_img.ini, press 'p' then two numbers.

Sometimes I want to load a preset very quickly but going through the preset list via 'L' can take too long.

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I have been pondering something similar.

Using autoHotKey i was thinking one might be able to jump to favorite presets by assigning a single key to "L+(first letter of preset)+ enter+ escape). Although it would take a lot of renaming; you would only be able to get as many presets bound to hotkeys as there are acceptable/savable characters in windows. I dont know what that number is but it maybe huge?

If you made a complex numbering/naming system for the presets to run on you could maybe make a more efficiant intuitive way to navigate presets.
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