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SHARP-X1 Winamp Classic Skin

So, a while ago I saw this picture of a classic SHARP X1 desktop computer (16bit era computer using a Z80 cpu, storage was a cassette tape!) in iconic red colour, and I decided that the natural thing to do would be to turn it into a Winamp skin.

And, here is what I have so far. It’s just a main window, and it’s not quite complete, but you can get a good idea of the look that I’m going for.

Some details:
  • Matching the style of the CRT monitor covered with a flat glass pane for the time display and vis area
  • Fonts are accurate! I based the bitmap fonts for time display and title display off the actual font that this system uses in its BASIC text mode thanks to a YouTube video where someone dumped the character ROM.
  • The song title, volume/balance bars, monoster are designed based on the appearance of the tape deck on the front panel. Still todo: add a “reset button” to the bitrate display so it looks more like a tape counter.
  • Cbuttons are styled to look similar to the TV control buttons seen on the keyboard. This is still a WIP - I haven’t gotten the final shape or shading quite right yet, and there’s no pressed states yet.
  • I’ll add the winshade/minimize/close buttons… later.

You can download this WIP skin or preview it in Webamp. I’ll try to post updates now and then here, but you can also follow me where I sometimes post minor updates as well.

There used to be more stuff, but hey, links die over the years.
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