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nsis7z Plugin - .pak won't extract files

Hello everyone. I'm completely new to NSI and stumbled onto it because I needed to build an installer for a privately hosted game server, which i co-own. I have been trying for days and many long hours, lots of google searching, etc. with no luck for my issue...

The Issue:
I believe the main issue lies in this bit of code I've outlined here. My installer will do everything and I don't encounter any issues with compiling, however the goldsaucer.pak won't extract any of it's files afterwards (using the nsis7z plugin) and I'm completely stumped...


AddSize 14000000
SetOutPath "$INSTDIR"

;Add files
File installer.ico

DetailPrint "Extracting game files, please wait..."
${GetExePath} $R0
Nsis7z::ExtractWithDetails "$R0\goldsaucer.pak" "Installing game files %s..."

I have attached the Script.nsi that I have been using and an image of the "root" folder with all the files which I am trying to pack into this installer. I would GREATLY appreciate any help that someone more knowledgeable can provide. Its been extremely frustrating because I feel this is such a simple thing I'm missing. Thanks for your time.

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MessageBox mb OK "$R0\goldsaucer.pak" and verify that the path is correct. If it is then perhaps the plug-in is unable to handle your .pak file? Try a older 7zip version to make the .pak?

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