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need help making a remote installer

I was wondering how to make an installer that instead of using included files, would download files from a certain website and install them. i'm not sure if this is possible but i'm guessing it can be..

Please help me, and if possible write, or include a script.. hehe

Thanks in advance,
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In your installation section, use the NSISdl plug-in. The basic syntax for retrieving a file is:

NSISdl::download <URL to file> <file destination>

For example, to download http://yourdomain.com/myfile.exe into $INSTDIR\bin, you would use the following command:

NSISdl::download http://yourdomain.com/myfile.exe $INSTDIR\bin

For a more detailed explanation on how to use NSISdl, check Contrib\NSISdl\Readme.txt in your NSIS directory.

Note that NSISdl only works for simple HTTP retrieval. If you need more advanced features, such as FTP, you will likely need to use InetLoad instead.
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Thanks a lot!
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sorry, one more question, can i make it so it downlods the files into a temporary directory, then prompts you for an ip address, username, and pass word, and then it will ftp the files to a folder on that pc?

i'm trying to make an xbox halo2 map pack remote installer...

Thanks in advance (again)
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