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full screen

check out when you double click for video for full screen many buttons will not be visible and wrongly placed.
it seems many bugs are ok right now but such a silly bug i mean what the hell is wrong.

i have a winap 5.21 free version.
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check out when you double click for video for full screen many buttons will not be visible and wrongly placed.
You mean the OSD.

Yeah, I saw this as well, but it's happens not very often and it's hard to reproduce.
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If you want an alternative OSD for Full Screen mode, try
Full Screen Controls 2

Please consider adding a User Review
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as siebe has pointed out, if you want feedback, don't cross post all over the forum. i suggest you to make own thread of your plugins or just stay in this thread.
anyway, it's a pretty good plugins.

:some suggestions.:
pause on new file option should be disabled when playing audio files.

exit button shouldn't be terminate winamp itself or simply add "back to window mode" button. [edit]sorry forget about this, i missed double clicking screen. [/edit]

adding filename and file length display would be good since i don't need to display built-in osd. same reason, control ui should be fit to bottom.

if the control ui is skinable, it would be great.

if i switching from the modern skin to classic skin after watching video with full screen, video window's size won't back to normal size. and full screen control doesn't work until restart winamp.

:future request:
always on top mode. see attachment please.

keep up the good work.
and sorry for my bad english
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Check fullscreen controls 2:
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Dude, that was posted above already. Just like the other thread you just posted in.

Good Winamp plugins by Joonas, DrO and shaneh.
If you're bored go here or, if the boredom is more serious, here.
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Thread locked.

Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
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