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Windows Native Skin?

Hey, all. I'm sorry if this is an obvious question, but I didn't find anything relevant when I did a forum search. Please bear with me.

Basically, my biggest qualm with Winamp is that the appearance does not match the native Windows style, and it just really looks out of place. Is there any way to display a skin that uses Windows' native borders, widget, etc.?

Or, alternatively, are there any skins that match Windows Vista's (or Windows 7's) native stylings to "kind of emulate" a native skin? I've searched for "Winamp Vista skins" and haven't found anything that looks good. Thanks.
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Sorry, Winamp can not display the native Windows interface. Hovever, try the following skins searches with Vista, Windows and/or WMP as key words.

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Well, shucks. Yeah, I've seen all of those skins before and I don't like any of them. Plus, the only skins that actually work right in Vista in terms of taskbar previews and Flip-3D are classic skins (ugly) and the default skins (kinda tolerable). Thanks anyway.
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There is a hidden hack that works great
Just search the forum

ClassicPro© v2.01 : This plugin allows you to use cPro skins in Winamp. ClassicPro skins are all SUI skins and loads very quickly. ClassicPro skins is even easier to skin than Winamp Classic skins. A new layout have been added since version 2.
Download ClassicPro© ==== cPro Skins ==== ClassicPro© Homepage ==== SC Forums
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By hack, if you meant the taskbar previews, I know about it. Unfortunately, it looks awful if the skin has any transparency. It always shows the default classic skin behind it... ick. I really hope the team fixes this before Windows 7 comes out. That OS is very preview-dependent.

Now, if you meant a native UI hack, I searched before and didn't find anything. Do you have any more info on it (a name)?

I've actually considered switching to other media players because of this. Unfortunately, although I can find programs that look much better (in my opinion), I can't find a single one with sufficient functionality. Foobar2000's my closest bet, but configuring that UI so it's actually usable for me requires a time commitment that I simply can't make. Winamp's interface (excluding appearance) is nearly perfect.
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