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.htaccess redirect

I have a dynamic IP address, but I have a bit more complex situation than that. I signed up for a dynamic subdomain name from dyndns.org. It works wonderfully for redirecting users to my stream, but the inconvenience is that it doesn't match the domain name that I own and use for my web site. I tried creating a subdomain of my domain name at my webhost, and creating a .htaccess file with "redirect /listen.pls http://my.dynamichost.here:8000/listen.pls" (of course with the correct hostname). But it doesn't work. It merely goes into an endless loop if I try to access it in the web browser, and if I try to type it directly into Winamp's location bar, it says there's an error loading the stream. I have a hunch it has to do with the port numbers. Has anyone else attempted this, or know how I could get it to work? I doubt my webhost is willing to establish port 8000 on the server just for my little stream.
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why not just download the .pls file and copy it up to your webserver.

I am not sure about .htaccess files because I use php but redirection is real simple to achieve but not in the way you are trying to do it. for example if I wanted to fool a listeners into *thinking* that the stream was coming from my domain name then I would just simple put php in the index file that redirects to the stream when the user-agent passed is Winamp, RMA, iTunes ect. If you want to see this fake out in action just put radiotoolbox.com into your Winamp's Location Bar.
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Wow, that was a lot easier than what I was trying to do. I had read that article at radiotoolbox.com earlier, but didn't think it applied to what I was trying to do. I guess it does. Thanks for the help.
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