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The whole idea of religion just miffs me. I am beyond comprehension. How can billions of people (98% of the world's population =-O) believe in a higher being; a god? Believing in something all of your life, praying to "Him" is just ridiculous. All your life, you are continuing on with a one way conversation. When has God, not the idea of God helped anyone?
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If the Bible is actual history (not saying that it is), then God did help people. But I don't see that happening. Unless, of course, you count the solace people find in religion, but that doesn't count.

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well there was that one time when he came over to my house and did the dishes for me. It was really nice of him but when he left he took my tv set.
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Rofl. But how can so many people believe in a Godish type of thing? I think it's programmed into them when they're kids..
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If there was a God he would let Kaz stay in England, but he isn't, so screw the nothingness named God in the face.
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has no CT
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Originally posted by DecadeSol
Rofl. But how can so many people believe in a Godish type of thing? I think it's programmed into them when they're kids..
pointing and laughing. what an excellt way to get you rpoint across.

any takers on how many more posts this takes until it become a flame war?

I guess 12.

12 - dlink.
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I think he was laughing at the poor attempt at humor that I made in my previous post.... I apologise and will no longer make any attempts at humor.
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In the last days there will be great apostasy. The final hours of this age will look down upon a Church corrupted by the world in which it lives. Because of the increase of lawlessness, wickedness, and sin, the love of most will grow cold.

Men will be lovers of themselves and lovers of money. They will be boastful, proud, and arrogant. Many will have a form of godliness but will deny the power thereof. They will surround themselves with teachers who will say what their itching ears want to hear. They will not submit to sound doctrine and will have no place in their hearts for the truths of God's word .

In the last days, men will not be imitators of God but imitators of Satan . They will no longer seek to be perfect as their heavenly Father is perfect. They will be vile, reprobate, liars, gossipers, malingers, evil boasters, filled with lust and given over to every form of immorality. They will seek after wealth and replace the Gospel of godliness with a gospel of mammon . They will no longer deny themselves and follow Christ; instead, they will follow hard after the things of this world while all the while becoming more and more deeply entangled by them . In the end, the lust of the eye and the desire for other things will choke them and make them unfruitful.

These are the last days. Who can find one in this wicked generation who will state unequivocally that those who do not keep God's commandments are not Christians? There is more hope of finding such a one among the ungodly than among those who have made a profession of faith. For the sinner and the saint alike know that those who profess Christ must walk as He walked. A saint then, who does not keep His commandments, is not a saint at all, but a liar and deceiver in whom the truth will not be found.

Who can find one in this last hour who will say that watching someone else sin is sinful? We have already come to the place where the most popular ministers in the world are those whose message is furthest from the Gospel. We live in a world where the gospels of wealth, health, and success have completely supplanted the Gospel of righteousness, godliness, and purity. We live in a world where Christians fellowship with Muslims and Buddhists serve as teachers in Christian schools.

The ungodly and reprobate lives of most today makes it impossible for them to testify to the truth. They cannot warn the sinner from his sin. His blood is on their hands. Their lips are sealed by their own wickedness. They plaster their cars with messages like "Not perfect, just forgiven", and thus proclaim to the world their compromise. Because they have given themselves over to sin and made excuse for weakness, they blaspheme God, denying the Lord who bought them, as they trample under foot the holy blood of the Lord of glory and expose Him again to shame. They speak evil of the Spirit sent to sanctify them and refuse to allow Christ's strength to be made perfect in their weakness . It was for this cause He died, that men, who in their own weakness could not save themselves, might be made perfect through His sacrifice. Having been buried with Him in baptism we are raised to a new life. It is no longer we who live, but Christ in us, that we, through Him, might fulfill the righteous requirements of the law.

Already the wicked servants eat, drink, and make merry . Already the foolish virgins sleep instead of filling their lamps with oil . Already the love of most has grown cold. They have chosen the love of this world rather than the love of Christ. They have set their hearts on fast cars, big houses, and endless entertainment; and in so doing, make it impossible for themselves to receive the word of truth . That which is of great value to man is detestable to God. That which men sell their very souls for is utterly abhorrent to the Most High. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil and yet it is lauded to the highest heights from pulpits of endless thousands who think godliness is a means to financial gain.

They teach men to be the head and not the tail, so they say, but in truth they themselves will be last when their nakedness is revealed to all and they are led away in great shame. They teach those just escaping from the world and its lusts to tithe to grow rich. To honor God with their substance to fatten their waistline. To give a thousand to get a hundred thousand, and ten thousand to get a million. They twist and distort the word of God until all semblance of the original message is completely replaced by avarice, greed, and sensual indulgence leading to greater and greater sin. The very things for which the wrath of God is coming upon the world ! Woe to them. It would be better for them if they had never been born because they have profited from the word of God, and led those who were freed from sin by the Blood of Christ back into bondage .

They sought first riches, luxury, and pleasure, instead of the Kingdom of God and contentment . They have spent their lives in the ceaseless pursuit of more . They have consumed their existence vainly fulfilling their every desire, but they are naked, wretched, and poor. They exalt themselves before the world and boast of their great wealth. They live in opulence and luxury when they know well their Lord and his apostles did not leave them this example. They spend themselves in pursuit of their own wicked lusts instead of holiness. They are experts in greed and every vile deception. They appeal to the lusts of sinful man and entangle them in their own carnality. Woe to them! They will be punished along with the devil and his angels. They claim to be servants of Christ but they are servants of sin. Their end will be the lake of fire. And so too, all that follow after their ungodly doctrine, will go down together with them into destruction. All who have rejected the word of truth and embraced the lie will be destroyed with the father of lies. Though the increase of their wealth never ends, they have nothing and even that which they have is about to be taken from them.

The rest, the vile, the abominable, the unbelieving, those whom the beast will flatter because they broke the holy covenant , these will receive his mark and with him spend all eternity without God.

God just helped you...........Only if you were willing to listen.

God didn't put you on this earth to help yourself to riches.

He put you on this earth to help others.

Others that can't help themselves.

Why do you think this world is so full murder and death.

Because someone was not willing to step up to the plate or couldn't.

It's not Gods job. It's your job. And my it's my job. And everyone else.

When you are a Christian......... God is in you.

And when you are a Christian you should help others.

therefore it's God Helping You. Be it through someone else.

I bet if you did something for someone that couldn't do it for themselves. They would think that was a miracle.
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Choose your "way" carefully and wisely.

Whoa! You see it too?!
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The idea of a god is absurd to people because they are the type of people who can't accept things on faith. I'm not talking down to anyone, I am one of those people, but I think the ones who do believe in a higher power shouldn't be laughed at or ridiculed. Some people think that NOT believing in God is ludicrous; you're just wired differently than them.
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I contribute nothing.
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Webthing 1337:

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anyway, after all that. I believe in many gods but only pray to one god, and thats if I pray which doesn't happen often.

I came for the hatred.
I stayed for the ballbag.
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There is more than one God?

Which one do you pray to.

Computer God
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