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Full screen mode

I want to use my PC in a 'Jukebox' mode, where Winamp would take over the screen, showing the player, playlist and media library on a low-res screen.

The idea is the PC is a music device only in this case and the player needs to be big so it can be seen across the room.
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ok. i can see that for car-puters but i think more importantly a progress bar larger then an inch would help.. i mean a 2 hour movie aint exactly an easy nav in that thing..

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Try the Workstation skin. Also DrO’s Single Click ‘n’ Play plug-in.
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Thanks for the tips. The Workstation skin is OK, but not quite what I'm after. Despite the author's comments I tried double-sizing (I have a 1600x1200 resolution as standard) and its behaviour left a lot to be desired. Plus there was no real integration of the media library. The best I could do was make it the same size and cover the same area so it could be popped up on top and then dismissed. Workable, but not ideal as you cannot see the playlist while working with the library.

For now I will stick with changing the screen resolution and using a slick skin (current favourite MMD3).

My wish item is really for player, maybe equaliser, and play list to fill one side of screen and media library to fill the other side, perhaps at 640x480.
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the compact skin is also very nice. it is what I use with my dual monitor setup. monitor 1; work, monitor 2; winamp and misc crap
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If you want an alternative OSD for Full Screen mode, try
Full Screen Controls 2

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