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DJ Encoding Question

I'm a digital DJ and am cleaning up my mp3s.

I want to re-encode all my VBR MP3s into the best possible CBR alternative.

Quality is the main issue.
File size is not an issue.

I am aware that I will be losing quality during this transcoding and am willing to lose some but as little as possible

My reasons for doing this are as follows:

1) when using Final Scratch/Traktor/Serato I occasionally run into glitches on certain mp3s which are VBR
2) when using (and I rarely do this as mostly I spin Audio CDs) CDJ200's or 800's again VBR mp3s are often misread and timing is all screwy (A known issue with VBR)

What is the best possible way to go about doing what I need with the least possible loss in quality?

My thinking was to

1) use EncSpot to spot all my VBR mp3s
2) Separate the VBRs from the CBRs
3) Backup all the VBRs (Just in case)
4) Find and note Bitrate range for all VBR's - This is something I don't know how to do. does EncSpot do this? Another app maybe?

I need to obtain like this:
trackname.mp3 - High VBR: 192 Low VBR:128

5) Convert all my VBR's -> .Wav (going from lossy to lossless)
6) Re-encode all those .Wav into MP3 at the CBR based on the highest Bitrate from the VBR.

such as
trackname.wav --> trackname.mp3 192k (based on the above VBR mp3)

7) A/B my new CBR mp3's vs. the Backed up VBRs

It's a process but I need to do it as I require the reliable timing and glitchless decoding CBR provides me.

Also, am I forgetting anything? Should I be making note of Joint Stereo/Stereo and re-encoding -> dumping wavs in any particular way?

I'm not new to encoding/decoding.
I'm just new to doing it properly!!

Any help (such as recommended tools - LAME? EncSpot? Etc..) in this hellish process would be greatly appreciated

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Re: DJ Encoding Question

Originally posted by hypedrum
...VBR mp3s are often misread and timing is all screwy (A known issue with VBR)
sometimes incorrect VBR headers cause wrong time, so the first test is to correct all the VBR headers

a freeware tool to do this is Vbrfix

high probability to solve your problems, try it
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You can use mp3repacker to switch between VBR and CBR with NO quality loss. (there is a GUI around for it somewhere)
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